An Analysis of Trump’s 100-day Plan

The 2016 presidential election is finally behind us and the results are in. Despite losing the popular vote to Hilary Clinton by upwards of 1.7 million votes, Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. Something that we are far less certain about is what kind of policies the President-elect will actually…
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More Discourse, Less Abuse: Dems On Immigration

  There weren’t too many surprises during Tuesday night’s Democratic primary when the subject of immigration came to the forefront. The differences among the five candidates were outlined, including a somewhat surprising admission by Sen. Bernie Sanders that he voted against an immigration reform bill in 2007. For the most part, however, these differences are…
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Let’s All Agree to Stop Talking About Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been on everyone’s minds and lips since his contentious presidential candidacy announcement in June, which was, of course, his intention from the beginning. As he himself has said, “Controversy, in short, sells.” Trump’s constant stream of shockingly inflammatory nonsense is simply a well-managed campaign – and business – tool meant to garner…
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