Working in the United States

(1) I have a friend who has a company in America and is willing to hire me. Am I likely to get a work visa if I apply at the consulate in my country? (2) I’m in the U.S.with a student visa and was just offered a job. Could I accept the offer? (3) My…
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Asylum and Withholding of Removal Report:  New BIA Decisions on “Particular Social Group” Claims

This month, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) published Matter of M-E-V-G-, 26 I&N DEC. 227 (BIA 2014) and Matter of W-G-R-, 26 I&N DEC. 208 (BIA 2014), both of which consider the eligibility of asylum and withholding of removal protection in the United States in the context of membership in a “particular social group.” Respondents…
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Is the E-2 Visa Right for You?

Thinking about starting a business in the U.S.? E-2 visa may be an option worth considering. There are many tempting benefits that come with this non-immigrant status: Enter the U.S. market by expanding your business or starting a new one; Live in the U.S. indefinitely, as long as you manage your company; Travel in and…
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Be On the Lookout for Immigration Services Scams

It’s important, when seeking help with immigration proceedings, to use an authorized legal immigration services provider. As reported by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), getting the wrong immigration help can have serious consequences, from delayed applications to removal proceedings. The link below from USCIS provides a detailed list of educational resources and tools to…
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Immigration Reform Still on Hold in the House

Yesterday, more than one hundred women were arrested near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. while protesting the recent announcement by the House of Representatives that comprehensive immigration reform is not likely to be taken up this fall. After a summer of agitation, protests, public advocacy, and much activism, the picture remains gloomy. Among those arrested…
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