How am I Supposed to Get Around if I Can’t Get a Driver’s License?

Unfortunately, under Michigan law, undocumented immigrants are ineligible to apply for and receive a Michigan driver’s license, as Michigan law requires proof of U.S. citizenship or “legal presence” in the United States in order to obtain one. The immigration process is a long one which, more often than not, can take years to conclude, leaving…
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The Benefits of Detroit’s New Municipal ID Program for Undocumented Immigrants

On Tuesday, the Detroit City Council approved an ordinance to make available a new Detroit municipal identification card. With a 7-0 vote, the City Council set the framework for issuing and accepting municipal IDs. This is huge news for immigrants in the city! Beginning this fall, undocumented people, individuals struggling with homelessness, returning citizens, some…
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Scalia’s Death and the Future of Immigration Reform

Photo by Flickr user Ted Eytan. As President Obama enters the last year of his presidency, his legacy begins to come into focus. He made some big promises to move immigration reform forward, but he’s had trouble delivering. His efforts in exercising his executive powers to move the clock forward have brought limited results. Throughout…
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