International Migrants Day

Today marks the United Nations’ (UN) International Day for Migrants. An important date for many reasons among them, to remind us of the many contributions immigrants make to the United States, the fight against discrimination towards migrants or “illegals”, and the right for every human being to seek asylum. The past four years of the…
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As Refugee Crisis Intensifies, Solutions on Migration Absent from UN Discussions

The refugee crisis was discussed at length at the 70th annual United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in late September. World leaders met in New York to debate the maintenance of international peace and security and successfully wove in refugee-related concerns into the context of war, poverty, equality, and economic development. The connection between migration and development…
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Refugees and Artificial Nation-Building: If We Build It, Will They Come?

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Takver. The global migration crisis continues to worsen, with displacement hitting an all-time high of 59.5 million people at the end of 2014. The humanitarian world is unable to keep up with the numbers, as violence and conflict also continues to soar worldwide. The usual proposed solutions for displacement typically…
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