A New Day Has Dawned

Our prayers for new leadership in the White House have been answered. So what does it mean for us? For the country? For the world? 

First, there is the immediate concern about the transition period between now and January 20, 2021. President Trump will remain in power until then but the world is already beginning to adjust to the idea that a decent man, with a steady hand is about to take the helm, and aside from tyrants and demagogues, the rest of the world breathes easier. 

In our country, some time will pass before we find our footing. Over 70 million of our fellow citizens voted for Trump. Many of those citizens, including Trump himself, have yet to come to terms with the fact that a new day has dawned, another leader, not the one they wanted, has been elected. As of this hour, Trump and millions of his backers remain in denial. The toxic flow of lies and conspiracy fantasies continues to infect our social media, and a large segment of the public media.

Photograph by Gayatri Malhotra

So we are likely to experience many anxious moments in the coming weeks. Our immigrant communities will still be in need of our help, and we will carry on to serve them as usual only now, we will be able to convey hope for better days ahead. As a firm, we will continue to do our best to adjust our message to clients and prospective clients by giving them some indication of what may lay ahead while avoiding raising unrealistic expectations. 

Unfortunately, while there will be a different message coming from up high, it is likely that much of the situation on the ground will remain unchanged. A new attitude by ICE, by ICE counsel, and by some immigration officials and judges may surface soon enough, but the rules of the game will remain. ICE may ease up on indiscriminately arresting everyone without status regardless of their past record, but everything else will likely remain unaffected for some time.  

Further down the road after the Covid19 pandemic is brought under control, substantial changes will likely happen. How substantial, will depend on several factors which have not yet crystalized including (but certainly not limited to) which party will control the Senate, what will happen in Mexico and Central American, how will the world’s refugee population fare, how will the economic recovery unfold, etc. 

Our team is in a very fortunate position as we are as ready as can be expected for what’s ahead. We remain strong and united in our dedication to our clients and immigrants rights. We are and will continue to make progress in efforts to improve the services we offer our clients and immigrant communities. In the meantime, we will breathe in a sigh of relief, celebrate these happy moments together, and redouble our efforts to help our clients fulfill their dreams. The same dreams we had and continue to hold in our hearts.

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