Marijuana leaves

Michigan Marijuana Laws: What Non U.S. Citizens Need to Know

On Election Day, voters in the State of Michigan overwhelmingly approved Proposal 1, officially legalizing marijuana for recreational use. For residents of the state and citizens across the nation, marijuana can now be consumed legally within the parameters set out by Michigan law.  Marijuana plant However, for legal permanent residents, the undocumented and those in…
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Michigan Immigrant Owned Small Business

Making Impacts: Local Immigrant Business Owners in Michigan

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Immigrant Owned Small Businesses All across the United States and Michigan specifically, immigrants have made important contributions to the business community through fields ranging from food services or industrial in companies ranging from one to hundreds of thousands of employees. Here we take a look at a few immigrant entrepreneurs and business owners who had…
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A Brief Look at the Chinese and Japanese Exclusion Acts

Japanese immigrants being inspected by American customs officers During the California Gold Rush of the 1850’s, millions of individuals converged from around the world, leading to massive amounts of immigration, the resurgence of the American economy, and conflict.  Arguably, the bulk of the immigrants that endured the most conflict at this time were the Chinese…
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